Matthew Fleeger Steers Gulf Coast Western to the Number One Spot

Matthew FleegerThe current CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western LLC is none other than Matthew Fleeger. He took over running this family business when his father retired. In spite of his personal relationship with his old man, it never became a reason for him to receive any special treatment in their company. In fact, he had spent many years studying business not just in the oil and gas sector, so he garnered a lot of experience before he was called on to lead the company.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with his diploma coming from the Southern Methodist University in Texas, a prestigious private school known for producing the best graduates. When Matthew Fleeger graduated from college, he spent the next several years learning about the oil and gas industry in his father’s company from the bottom of the barrel (pun intended).

While he was serving in Gulf Coast Western, Matthew also con-currently set up his own personal companies. One is a medical waste management business, while the other deals with indoor tanning. As he was active in many things, Matt was able to hone his skills in daily operation, sales, management, finance, and strategic planning. He was able to establish strong business partnerships. He also learned how to handle merges and acquisitions with ease, so he could parlay all that he knew into Gulf Coast Western.

Matthew Fleeger

Eventually, Matthew Fleeger was called on by his father to manage the Gulf Coast Western company full time. He has earned the reputation for being an industry expert, as well as a great business partner who has wonderful relationships with the companies he has acquired. Though not a walk in the park, Matt was able to apply his strengths into running their family business. He has even increased their company holdings from Texas to many other states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Alabama. Under Matthew Fleeger’s guidance, Gulf Coast Western has become an industry leader in the country.