Mark Holyoake World Artistic Gymnast


It is a given fact that among all professions, fewer individuals can pursue full-time athletic adventures. One of the main reasons why this is the case among professional athletic pursuits is the required dedication it takes to overcome personal pleasure for professional perfection. While there are a few who take on the challenge, there are still fewer willing to go beyond a passing pursuit to a lifetime of dedication to push through the pain, struggle and adversity to arrive at the lasting accomplishment that brings with it a success and monetary rewards.

Long-term Career Success

Mark Holyoake beat all of these odds and limitations and brought his talent, discipline, and passion for the sport to fruitful accomplishment and success. His strong gymnastic skills have resulted in world recognition and monetary balance throughout his career. Mark Holyoake balanced the need for obtaining educational activities at university along with his natural gymnastic abilities and shaped his career towards the opportunities he hoped to accomplish as a professional gymnast.

Short Biography

Mark Holyoake was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, on March 1, 1983. His first severe activities in gymnastics were at the age of nine, where he was competent to perform as an “all-rounder” in gymnastic acts like parallel bars, vault, pommel horse, and high bar, at the age of nine.

A year later, Mark Holyoake began developing for the national team squads and recognized by those who knew of his talent as having gymnastic skills recognized the world over. His coaches began instructing him to become a professional athlete at a young age. Mark Holyoake learned at a very young age to discipline his body and mind to a strict schedule that found a balance between his educational pursuits and his many hours as a world-class gymnast under his coaches. Mark Holyoake relocated to Auckland University after completing his primary education and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Sports. It was because of Mark Holoake’s ability to discipline his time and his passion for the sport of gymnastics that kept his focus on the goal of a world-class athlete he was training to become.

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