Marc Beer’s Contributions to Healthcare through Renovia

In a 2018 report by the World Health Organization, innovations and research are still the main drivers of alternative medicine. The report outlined that there is a huge space for alternative medicine, and therefore, professionals should invest more resources in finding better ways to treat different illnesses. In the past three decades, professionals such as Marc Beer have done precisely that — putting resources together in finding alternative ways to treat reproductive health complications. Through different entities, Beer has also worked with professionals that share the same vision, especially medical experts treating different reproductive conditions around the world.


In order to achieve better results in this niche, he has employed the following tactics. Marc Beer involves all the stakeholders in each product — regardless of the project’s size. He understands the importance of having a professional opinion on each stage. He also believes that the medical world — unlike other investment markets — has no room for errors. Each project, therefore, must have a certain degree of perfection and more specifically, the success rate must be 100%. However, when planning for each project, Marc Beer believes that there is a huge need to involve other stakeholders and therefore avoiding one-sided planning.


Marc Beer is however identical for his view on bringing talents and resources together, especially in a major project. A recent article by a medical journal on funding and resources, Marc Beer was a golden example of how medical professionals should approach funding and pitching for ideas. In his life as an investor in the medical world, he has not only succeeded in finding ideal solutions in terms of funding, but he has also illustrated that it is possible to fund project primarily to save lives. He also understands the art of selling important ideas to investors — and therefore creating a win-win situation for both parties.


Apart from being one of the most popular industry players in the medical start-ups, he is part of the management team that is not only innovative but also knowledgeable. In the last four years, Marc Beer has been on a journey to build a futuristic, yet a knowledgeable team in the medical world. Through Renovia, he is slowly changing the management of the medical start-ups through the following ways. First, each member of the management team has a background in this niche, and understanding policies are not far fetched. Second, all the management team members have a passion for alternative medicine, and this philosophical viewpoint has assisted them in creating actionable policies. 


Lastly, he believes that creating spaces for mentorship is one of the few ways of safeguarding the future of innovative medicine. Through his company, (and throughout his career), he has always given young and willing professionals a chance to interact with the world of innovations.