Marc Beer Master of Workable Solution

Master of a workable solution, Marc Beer solves pressing problems as fast as possible. In 1987, he earned a BS degree in science and was prepared for his career which happens to be in
pharmaceutical. Soon, his choices led to a high position at Global Marketing in Genzyme.
Because of his new position, Marc brought Genzyme out into the world by advancing the company’s line. This particular line helped more than 350 million people around the world with 7,000 rare diseases.
Helping those who needed help began a new chapter in Marc’s career. He pushed further because he wanted to make a difference. His experience gave him confidence and ViaCell his company was born. ViaCell bloomed into a biotechnology company with 300 employees. The company went public in 2005 and listed on NASDAQ as VIAC. VIAC utilize umbilical cord blood stems to repair problems in the body. In less than seven years after finding his company, Marc sold VIAC to PerkinElmer.
A new and sad chapter started when his wife died at the young age of 42. At the loss of his wife,
he decided to spend his time with his three children instead of the business world. Fortunately for the world, his fourteen-year-old daughter told him he needed to begin again. His daughter took the advice her father had given her about living life on purpose and gave it back to him with compassion. He realizes his daughter was right, and he embarked on a new entrepreneur that yield him 10 more years of success with his new company Renovia. Renovia focused on developing on helping women received therapeutic and diagnostic devices. They wanted
to provide top-notch diagnosis and treatment.

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Life changed for March when he met and partnered with Dr. Iglesias who performed pelvic
surgeries. He joined the Audit Committee of Minerva Neurosciences Inc, and the Miami University Business Advisory Council. Marc Beer has also been associated with Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. Marc Beer believes in giving back, and he employs his skill in making good decisions and his talent for fixing problems to help others.

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