Marc Beer Leads LumeNXT in the Production of Illumination Devices for Safe Surgical Operations

LumeNXT is famous for its innovative work in the growth of surgical illumination products. The products are mostly applied in minimally invasive procedures. The company has made surgeries to be safer than before with improved visibility in the operations and minimizing potentially dangerous disruptions for doctors who are in the operating room. Also, surgeons can freely manipulate their tools while conducting surgeries by using the technology developed by LumeNXT. The innovation permits the compact lighting attachments to the surgical instruments, and its LumeNXT light provides constant illumination for up to four hours. The devices depend on small batteries to put in minimum weight to the surgical tools. Their customizable design permits the device to attach to almost any surgical instrument applied in a minimally invasive process.


The LumeNXT illumination devices have a discrete advantage over the previously used surgical illumination devices. It is because the previous methods were more cumbersome to handle and needed extension cords to be bunged into the outlets throughout the surgical procedure. The LumeNXT illumination technology is more efficient and safer than the previous models. The reason is that the device defends against tissue harm from overheating by continually eliminating the heat from the light. Therefore, surgeons can apply these illumination devices to access tricky regions without jeopardizing the safety of the patient. Also, they are rest guaranteed that it is safer to survey cavernous areas throughout the surgical procedures for a prolonged time without worrying about tissue harm from the light heat. It allows for enhanced focus on the job at hand and reduces the total time in which a patient is under the knife for minor surgical procedures. The minimized operation time benefits the patient by reducing exposure to airborne diseases and bacteria. Learn more:


The LumeNXT surgical illumination technology is expected to increase in demand and popularity under the new stewardship of Marc Beer. Beer has recently been approved as Chairman of the Board of the company. The appointment was not a big surprise to most industry insiders since Beer brings a broad professional background within the biomedical field to this high-esteemed role. Paul Rhyne and a co-creator of LumeNXT is optimistic that Marc will play a mega role in increasing the profitability of the company in the next few years. The primary reason why he was such an attractive applicant for this vital role at LumeNXT is that he has proven success with fundraising for several investment rounds before biomedical companies go public. Also, his experience with assisting companies in an international rollout of their biomedical technologies gave him a bonus to the leadership of LumeNXT.


Marc Beer is an alumnus of the University of Miami, from where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business in 1987. He is a father of three children and a widower who lost his wife several years ago. The sudden tragedy occurred after he sold ViaCell Company to PerkinElmer for $300 million. It was his first immense entrepreneurial success under his strap and an amazing family full of love. Also, Marc is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of experience in the biotechnology, device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical industries.

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