Marc Beer Appointed as Chairman of the Board at LumeNXT

Marc Beer, a man with extensive experience and passion for what does. For more than 25 years, Marc has had profound knowledge of commercialization and development. He is immense expertise in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic device industries. In 2000, after Marc Beer was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at Viacell, the firm which deals with developing, preserving and collecting blood stem cells of the umbilical cord witnessed remarkable growth in production output, and the number of employees in the firm skyrocketed to 300. Marc has held influential positions in different firms, and his work and leadership have been visible through outputs and developments in the companies he has led.


The most recent appointment for Marc is his appointment as the Chairman of the Board at LumeNXT Inc. LumeNXT focuses on developing proprietary surgical illumination products for minimally invasive surgery. Marc expressed his excitement gratitude for the selection to partner with surgeons and engineers who are dedicated to their jobs in advancing the field of surgical illumination. He showed the importance of such developments at LumeNXT, which will improve how surgeries are conducted and eliminate invasive approaches to surgery.


The developments by LumeNXT will significantly make illumination during surgeries a great experience that will enhance visualization, precision, and flexibility. They will make surgeries better and easier, which was a challenge when using the traditional approaches to illumination during surgeries. Improved visualization will empower surgeons to complete operation effectively, improve precision and workflow, which are significant challenges in the section. LumeNXT pioneers for the utilization of intracavity light emitting diode (LED) illumination, during operations. It seeks to offer intense lighting when required while minimizing any heat emitted from the light.


With his vast experience, dedication, and passion in the biotechnology and device diagnostic field, partners are confident that Marc is the perfect fit for the company and his leadership will steer significant milestones towards achieving the objectives of LumeNXT and achieving much more. Paul Rhyne who is the co-founder of LumeNXT has praised the appointment of Marc in the position and says that his previous experience and dedication will be a guide to them through a path to huge profitability and global commercial roll out. As the Founding Chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc., Marc piloted the company through significant strides of development and success. Renovia Inc. purpose to discover and deliver digital diagnostic devices to women who were experiencing pelvic floor disorders.


Marc founded the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee-GSGCC as the Chairman of directors. He is also a member of the Business Advisory Council-BAC of Miami University and Graduate Studies Research-GSR of Notre Dame. All the experience accumulated will empower Marc to steer LumeNXT to the desired achievements and make a revolution in the world of surgeries through modern and improved illumination technologies.