Malcolm CasSelle and his Impact on Bitcoin

Malcolm CasSelle and OPSkins
OPSkins is one of the most prominent companies in the field of in-game virtual assets. Malcom CasSelle is the CIO of the company and also happens to be the top merchant of bitcoin on the planet. The founders and creators of OPSkins are creating a new platform for blockchain. The platform will be used for any virtual asset trading with a program called WAX, or the Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX is a type of P2P marketplace that deals with the trading of virtual assets that are built on the premise of blockchain as well as smart contracts that are decentralized. This enables any buyers and sellers to trade virtual assets between one another.

WAX has solved two of the biggest problems in the areas of virtual asset markets and fraud/fragmentation. The program does this by using a blockchain widget which allows users to instantly purchase any goods that they want virtually. This can be done without even leaving the current game they are playing. WAX also gives users the opportunity to tokenize any assets that they have in the game.

About CasSelle
CasSelle is the President of WAX and the founder of OPSkins. Before serving as the president of WAX, CasSelle was the CTO and President of the company, New Ventures at tronc. Before working at tronc, Inc. he held the position of Senior Vice President as well as General Manager for SeaChange International. He was then invited to join the SeaChange International in the year 2015. He joined as a member of the acquisition of Timeline Labs while serving as CEO. Before this, he led a variety of startup companies in different areas in the digital industry. Some of these companies were Xfie, Groupon, and MediaPass.

CasSelle has also been known to invest early in different startup companies. Some of the companies he invested for were Facebook, Zynga, and a number of Bitcoin companies.