MAGFAST wireless charger shaping to be the next big thing

The need to carry various changers for your mobile gadgets could be a thing of the past with the development of cutting-edge wireless charging systems. Although the development of a universal standard for charging using the micro USB pointed to this direction, the wireless charging is shaping up as the next front in device consolidation. According to the Influencive online bulletin, a new crowdfunding startup called Magfast has created a fine, compact wireless charging system.

The system offers four different ways of charging, unlike most products in the market that offer very limited options. The system connects with other units magnetically and is compatible with most phones sold in the market. The charging device is currently awaiting patenting with the relevant US authorities. According to experts, the Magfast stands a step ahead of the competition because of its ultra-fast, wireless magnetic connection built to accommodate more gadgets.

The Magfast family of products includes the LifeCharger Life Extreme, WallCharger, TimeCharger, RoadCharger and AirCharger. The LifeCharger Extreme is a small portable charger that produces sufficient power output to jump start a car while the AirCharger is a user-friendly magnetic charging stand. According to a PRNewire news feature, the first orders will be shipped at the tail-end of 2019. Individual units will cost about $49 while the entire set will retail at $297 for early backers.

About Company Founder Seymour Segnit

Seymour Segnit is the Founder and President of the Magfast startup. His startup kick-started in 2018 and promises to disrupt the nascent wireless niche market with its Magfast charging experience. Seymour studied engineering at the famed Oxford University in the UK. Besides engineering, Seymour once worked as radio presenter and is highly skilled in advertising. His experience in advertising has seen him work for companies such as the New York based Ogivily and Mather.