Maarten De Jeu Possesses Strong Commercial Real Estate Investment Knowledge And Wants To Pass It On:

International business strategy with a strong background in fields such as finance, investment, and commercial real estate is the focus of the work done by Maarten de Jeu as a leading advisor to the world’s international business community and many of its top corporate entities. As the head of the SVM Business Advisory, a firm that he established in 2012, Maarten de Jeu has provided a significant service to the business community. His initiatives have led to significant growth with multiple different companies that operate on an international basis. These companies are located in markets such as the United States of America and Europe. 


Maarten de Jeu brings with him a strong background from an educational standpoint when it comes to his professional work. As a student at Leiden University, he studied the subject of public administration and then went onto land in England where he earned an Executive MBA at Oxford. This has been an excellent educational background in terms of helping to prepare Maarten de Jeu to excel in his professional exploits. He also has experience working with TVDK Management Consultants and Aviva. These experiences in providing strategic advisory services helped to springboard Maarten de Jeu to his 2012 launch of the SVM Business Advisory. 


During his free time away from his professional work Maarten de Jeu spends a lot of time involved with civic organizations. He is a proud Chicago, Illinois resident and routinely contributes to some of the major community organizations around there. He is a noted supporter of the Museum of Science and Industry. This involvement extends to his enthusiastic support of the organization’s educational programs that it puts on. The museum has put on a program in the past called the Science Spins and Maarten de Jeu served as its co-chair. He has also been active in other Chicago community organizations such as the Environmental Law and Policy Center, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. 


An area of business and investment that Maarten de Jeu is highly enthusiastic about is the field of commercial real estate investment. He points out that this is an investment field that carries with it many positive benefits that include lower risks that are often associated with investments such as stocks and bonds. With this in mind, Maarten de Jeu has recently pointed out several strong reasons why investors should give commercial real estate a shot. Learn more:


The fact that the investing fees are often much less with commercial real estate than other types of portfolio investments is one of the primary points that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes. Investors do not have to deal with the same type of management fees in terms of paying a financial advisor that they would with other traditional investments. Maarten also points out factors such as the inflation protection that commercial real estate investment offers and the fact that this type of investment is an outstanding way to diversify a portfolio. Given the strong background that he has on this subject, today’s investors would be wise to take note of his points here.

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