Maarten de Jeu Gives Students An Opportunity To Work At The Museum Of Industry And Science

The development of science and technology is incredibly important for the growth of our countries,
especially in the era that we are living in. This development has helped our societies grow as an
international union and has broken down the boundaries that once divided us. For further
developments in science and technology, it becomes important for children to be engaged within
science and it becomes essential for them to find a way to learn more about the wonders around
us. Many institutions that are dedicated to science and technology often host programs that are
meant to engage students in this regard. One institution that has been able to carry out this act is
the Museum of Science and Industry.

The Museum of Science and Industry is an institution located in the city of Chicago. The institution
is known for being a host to some of the most notable science programs in the entire country, one
of which is a program that is dedicated to helping Chicago based teens discover their love for

The reason the program was even brought to light was because of the contribution and work put in
by the chairman of the Science Spins Program, Maarten de Jeu. Maarten de Jeu is someone who
has always firmly believed in the development of science and the importance of its engagement.
He has always wanted to do something that would help individuals get more engrossed in the field
and realized that the best way to do so was to help teenagers get more interested in science as a
whole. This led him to start up the Farrell Fellows internship program which is a notable
opportunity given to teenagers from Chicago. The program gives selected teenagers a chance to
intern with the museum and learn about the different intricacies of what it has to offer. While the
program is designed to teach kids about science, it also helps them develop several other skills
that they might need in the future. For example, the internship tries to help teens develop their
leadership skills, their public speaking and many other facets that they will require. At the end of
the program, the teenagers are given the opportunity to present their work to members of the
community and have the opportunity to have their work showcased at the Museum of Science and
Industry. Learn more:

Maarten de Jeu has always had a strong interest in science, in spite of working in a different
profession altogether. He stands as the leader to SVM Business Advisory, a company that he
founded years ago. Through this company, Maarten de Jeu regularly offers his insight into the
financial industry so that his clients can make beneficial investments and financial ventures that
can help them in their fields.

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