Luke Lazarus’s Secret to Success

Luke Lazarus is a native of Melbourne, Australia and started his first business at the age of eight. He has founded numerous others since. He was a straight-A student all throughout school and also has some proven talents in sports. He was wanted by Ivy League and other prestigious schools around the world. In the end, however, he decided to earn his MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Immediately after college, Lazarus went on to found four companies. By the time he was 35, he sold all four for a very hefty sum, which made him completely independent financially. After that, he said that he didn’t care if he never earned one more dollar in his life.

So, he set out to be a consultant with other entrepreneurs to come up with solutions to their struggles. He has since helped dozens of companies become multi-million dollar IPO’s from the ground up.

The thing that has probably helps Lazarus and his clients succeed the most is his tendency to be brutally realistic and direct. From what Lazarus states, many entrepreneurs have the talent and intellect but very few possess the art of brand messaging, high skills in finance, and the willingness to reach investors globally.

Few also know how to make realistic pitches to venture capitalists within the first 30 seconds. If you can’t do that, you’ve lost right there. The pitch has to meet their expectations, and better yet, go beyond their expectations.

Most venture capitalists have a lot of insight as to what works and what doesn’t but they’re very rarely willing to help struggling businesses. Lazarus is one of those very rare exceptions. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business  and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Lazarus’ services include business plans, market research insight, go-to market plans, and improvements with operations. Lazarus doesn’t stop with making up winning business plans. He does everything from that to diagnostic issues with operations in the business.

Pretty much from dawn, Lazarus is up and multi-tasking. As soon as he starts working, he’s always writing every little thing down, organizing business plans, and notarizing action items. He especially believes that if the business is closely related to his clients’ stories, then it will be the most likely to succeed.

That idea is to find a complete loophole in the marketplace and fill it but with a completely original idea. However, he also believes that luck and networking are equally as important as passion and perseverance.

The media often seems to make Lazarus out to being nothing but a golden success. However, one failure was a business that he tried to co-found with his close friend. Though he says that the main reason it didn’t work out was because he and his friend majorly disagreed on how it should be executed. However, they’re still close to this day.

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