Luke Lazarus Shapes New Startups For Success

It’s an exciting prospect for anyone to own a successful business, and it is technically possible for almost anyone to start their own business at any time. The exciting part ends when realizing that the majority of startup companies these days cannot withstand the economy or changes in the marketplace for more than a few years.

Rough estimates suggest that more than 70 percent of all startups fail within just five years, and the most common problem is that these companies try to scale up far too early in their lifespan.

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur that started off his career at just eight years old when he started his very first company.

This sparked a life-long pursuit for Luke, and for the past two decades, he has been a successful businessman and startup consultant. Luke’s dedication has been fierce since he was a child, combining his talent and knowledge to climb through his academics with highest honors.

Luke’s Transition From Dedicated Entrepeneur To Professional Consultant

For the longest time, Luke Lazarus was primarily focused on his own startups and entrepreneurial success. When Luke graduated from Melbourne Business School, he went on to found four different successful businesses, all of which have since been sold for a significant amount of money. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

By just 35 years old, Luke was wealthy, financially independent, and had completed his goals as an entrepreneur. After some consideration on whether or not to pursue more business ideas, Luke decided he would help other people bring their ideas to life instead.

Not everyone gets a head start in the business world like Luke Lazarus did, even though he made that start for himself, which is why consulting was perfect for Luke. Having found many solutions over the years through his own startups, Luke is very aware of the common issues that startup companies deal with today and how to fix before its too late, especially the 70 plus percent that fail.

Considering A Startup Without Consulting Or Outsourcing

It may be Luke Lazarus’ job to consult, but that doesn’t mean he won’t readily give out useful information to help other people get their startups going. Since he isn’t in it for the money, rather he wants to help people successfully push forth their ideas,

Luke regularly shares his ideas and gives out free information that he would typically give as a consultant, including how to market a startup without the need to hire someone like himself.

Luke has written many papers and articles over the years, offering his own insight on successful business practices and startup do’s and do not’s. In his eyes, most aspiring entrepreneurs out there are quite talented and have the right intelligence in order to be successful. However, most of them do not have the proper level of knowledge or knowledge in the right areas for what they are trying to accomplish.

On a general basis, when working with a new startup, Luke spends his time creating an efficient structure for operations as well as marketing the company in the most appealing way possible to capitalists.

A good time for a company to start seeking the aid of a skillful consultant like Luke would be when they are falling behind the curve within the first five years of business.

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