Luke Lazarus Consultancy is Making Measurable Differences in Businesses Pursuit of Success

 Many Businesses

Luke Lazarus has been a successful business leader in Australia for over twenty years, first having begun his career after leaving his Alma Mater Melbourne Business School, where he graduated with an MBA.

Luke Lazarus went on to pursue his life-long ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur and business leader.

Within a few short years after graduating from Melbourne Business School, Luke Lazarus had achieved much of his dream for success by planning and executing four successful businesses, which he led to great success.

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With his desire to turn his attention to other aspects of his business career Luke Lazarus sold his four companies and made plans for working more closely with business startups.

Specifically, Luke Lazarus envisioned a consultancy where he could travel across Australia, while at the same time enjoying assisting struggling yet determined startups to pursue their long-sought plans of success in business. In 2013 Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia was launched.

Living the Consultancy Life

Luke Lazarus now travels across Australia doing what he does best, which is leading startups to success. Since starting his consultancy Luke Lazarus has helped hundreds of startups lead the kind of live they have always dreams of achieving but seemed out of their reach.

Now, with the insights, experience, and knowledge of Luke Lazarus stacking things in their favor, they have found a renewed hope of attaining the success they had planned.

How important is a Consultant?

Not everyone can be a consultant. First, it takes year of experience to get there; consequently, it takes years of schooling to get to the point of arriving where you can begin to gain experience because of the preparation time in schooling. It can be likened to a medical student who fits must begin as an undergraduate, get accepted into medical school and only then have the knowledge to begin practicing.

A consultant is like a doctor who has already been thru his schooling and has practiced for a couple of decades.

The bottom line is the reason startups want to be around a consultant who is successful at their craft is they are worth more than their weight in gold if they can solve your business problem and get you back on the road again with you business.

A Trail of Success Stories

Luke Lazarus,since he started his consulting company has helped many startups.

For example, while part of his training involves preparing how to pitch investors for investments he’s experience many of the startups successfully receive investments from Venture Capitalist or other angel investors.

His training leads startups to role-playing to ingrain in them how to pitch their business stories to investors and Luke Lazarus has had one of his startups re-build their story from near zero to a level of success that allowed them to be present at their own Initial Public Offering (IPO) on a major stock exchange.

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Having the right consultant on your side in a time of crisis or needing to find a solution can create a great advantage for a business.

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