Lori Senecal Plans To Exit CP+B

Lori Senecal will step down as the Global chief executive officer of CP+B at the end of next month. She joined the agency in March 2015. The executive leader will be replaced by a yet to be named successor.

Senecal has confirmed that the agency has sketched a plan for her exit. This will ensure that her exit does not create a leadership vacuum at the firm. Senecal joined the firm from MDC Partners where she served as a partner. She was made the CP+B’s first global CEO due to her ‘management genius’ and organizational prowess. According to Chuck Porter, bringing the executive leader into the agency has significantly benefited the company. Chuck Porter is the founder and chairman of the firm. He added that during her tenure as the Global CEO, CP+B managed to enhance its client base. Amazingly, the company has not lost even one client during her leadership, reveals gcreport.com.

Porter praised the executive leader for winning over special clients such as the American Airlines. She has also helped CP+B to establish a management structure and communication channel that is global and thoroughly effective. The success of these two structures has seen the agency enjoy booming businesses in the competitive market segment.

The announcement of Lori Senecal comes at a time when the company was adding the final member of the agency’s global leadership team. The new member is Danielle Aldrich. Her promotion to the global leadership team will see her serve as the president of CP+B West. Some of the offices that will fall under her leadership include Boulder and Los Angeles. Previously, she served as the co-managing director in Boulder. The other members of the team include Vinicius Reis, Richard Pinder and Bamboo Yee. They will oversee Miami and Brazil, Europe and Beijing branches of CP+B respectively.

Lori Senecal is a shrewd entrepreneur and executive leader. She is the first Global CEO of CP+B. She helped in enhancing the growth and expansion of the company’s operations globally. She oversees the operations of ten international offices. Senecal joined the advertising agency in 2015. Notably, she is a member of the board of directors at the Ad Council.