L’Oreal CEO Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft was born in Switzerland. He attended college and studied accounting and finance. He attended the University of St. Gallen which is a top-ranked business college in Europe. After college, he stepped into a business role. He eventually led him to work for Pulp Riot. For Pulp Riot, he became a general manager over their international affairs. He supervised their operational and strategic international debut of the brand. It was here that he got the crucial experience of setting up distribution for a company and working with an array of markets. Creating go to market strategies, facilitating extremely profitable growth and connecting customers with a brand was first learned by the businessman at Pulip Riot. He later ventured to L’Oreal. Today, he is leading L’Oreal’s global business ventures and operations.

Nicolas Krafft has delivered two-decades of exceptional leadership to L’Oreal. For the past couple of decades, the business executive has worked to establish L’Oreal as a cosmetics brand that cares about its customers. One of the main focuses for consumers is purchasing from companies that are truly inclusive and caring of all people. Thus, this business leader is working extremely hard to display how understanding and aware L’Oreal is of their customer’s want.

One of the biggest displays of Nicolas Krafft’s company support of diversity was in their latest fashion and beauty show. They often times put on shows to display new makeup collections. This show was a bit different. Although the show still showcases gorgeous models wearing beautiful faces of cosmetics from L’Oreal, the show highlighted a diverse selection of models. Models came in all shapes and sizes. The faces of models showcased how L’Oreal’s products can be used for a variety of skin tones and skin types. this was the brilliant plan of the design and beauty team of L’Oreal.

Nicolas Krafft has given so much to this company. He wants to see the company flourish. Mostly, he wants to see the brand be a favorite amongst consumers. Wanting this means the interests of consumers must be addressed and taken care of. Issues like diversity will be addressed and supported by this makeup brand.