Kevin Plank Supports California’s Fair Pay To Play Act

Having been a college athlete himself, Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank recognizes that the Fair Pay to Play Act can bring life-changing benefits to college athletes today. Many college athletes struggle financially. Receiving compensation for the use of their likeness, images or names, and allowing them to make endorsement deals, could bring much needed income for these athletes. Additionally, being allowed to hire state-licensed agents would give the athletes better representation, assist in negotiating contracts, and find more opportunities for endorsements and public appearances. All of this could help improve the college athlete’s financial situation, allowing the athlete to better focus on academics and the sport.

Some oppose the act stating that scholarships are a more appropriate form of payment for college athletes, or that athletes may end up misusing their money. However, many like Kevin Plank support the act understanding that being a college athlete is much like having a full-time job. The stress and demands of attending college while participating in the school’s sports leaves athletes with grueling schedules and little time for family and fun. Since the athletes are the ones playing the games and bringing in huge revenues for the institutions, they deserve a share of the profits.

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The NCAA, registered as a nonprofit, has issue with the Fair Pay to Play Act. They state that keeping the distinction between amateur and professional helps level the playing field for schools and athletes. They are looking for other fair solutions, but haven’t proposed any as of yet.

Kevin Plank hopes the Fair Pay to Play Act will gain traction in other states. Adequate compensation, much like professional athletes receive for the use of their likenesses, can be the boost these students need to live a more fulfilling life during and after college. Advocates like Kevin Plank believe these athletes deserve that support.

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