LocationSmart, a LaaS provider, can make your business experience portable, connected, simple, and more transparent. It utilizes cloud-based technology that enables you to connect with over 15 billion connected mobile devices across the world with a single API. This lets you bring your different business departments in different locations together by letting you keep tracking on them using GSID services which are available for over 200 countries.

LocationSmart is a simple solution for your comprehensive business and provides you complete access over your expanded and scattered business while taking care of your security concerns, assets, workers, and customers across the world and letting you expand your business even more with peace of mind.


How Does It Work And Give Benefits In Different Area Of Your Business?


Protect Your Valuable Assets



Tracking and continually monitoring your assets across the world or especially when they are in the transportation process with GPS can be costly and unreliable.



In dealing with these hassles and reducing the chances of assets loss and delays LocationSmart Platform uses Global Site ID services, which locate any cellular network(GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE) or Wifi network domestically or internationally and provides real-time monitoring over Machine-to-Machine asset, Automatic Vehicle Location device, or any connected devices across the world.



With this cloud-based intelligence, a company can locate their employees with any cellular device via network location without hardware modifications, application downloads, user interaction, service calls, or software and saving a lot of money.


Protect Your Customers Interest

With having IP Geo-locate intelligence LocationSmart provides the company a better and secure customers assistance system in the following ways:

  • Provide assistance locally – With IP intelligence you are able to locate the customer’s actual location to assist them more efficiently and accurately through the local team appointed there.
  • Make business stores discoverable locally – After texting on a created dedicated local number and then giving permission to access their mobile location customers are able to locate your nearest store to reach you.
  • Deliver services on time – With LocationSmart’s technology, you can monitor the service status at each point. Especially in the hospitality industry when you need to take care of customer’s arrivals and departures with keeping the arrangements on time. And also it tracks the delivery parcels of customers to provide them the real-time status of their package.
  • Secure and protect from online fraud – IP geolocation protects the business and customers from online attacks by auto-detecting any suspicious activity from unknown locations and helps to create a secure environment.

Engage With The Workers To Get More Productive Results

With tracking possible through existing cell phones of workers LocationSmart platform makes it easy for the company to keep track of when and where each worker is, with no additional cost. It lets the company manage its working environment more productive by letting a company monitor its workers all the time and track their on-job timings and changing shifts.



LocationSmart provides the improved logistics experience with letting a company monitor its goods from dispatching to its deliveries. With tracking the driver in real-time a business has better knowledge about the delivery status.



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