JD.com Brings in This Year’s First Apple and Kiwifruit Harvest from New Zealand to Chinese Consumers

Jingdong, the largest retailer in China, recently announced the import of this year’s first apple and kiwifruit harvest from New Zealand. This not only results in more products for Chinese consumers but it also strengthens the company’s partnership with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri, which are market leaders whose products proved popular among JD’s customers.

According to data released by the Chinese retailer, overseas fruits represents the majority of all fruit sales on the platform in 2018 – with the number growing from the 20% in 2016. In recent years, fruit exports from New Zealand reached NZ$606 million, with sales of fresh food from New Zealand growing by more than 80% on JD.com in 2018. Imported fruits are generally favored by middle-class, young consumers who focus on their nutrition and their personal health.

Both Zespri as well as Rockit Global Limited have expressed their appreciation for the partnership with JD.com. Zespri’s Head of China Corporate Affairs noted that the retailer is an ideal partner for the company in order to continue growing its distribution footprint in China, and also praised JD.com’s logistics network, stating that it will ensure that the produce will arrive to customers in the best condition.

The Chief Executive Officer of Rockit Global Limited noted that due to its large numbers of customers and quick delivery ability, the Chinese retailer is the best partner for Rockit Global Limited to bring its product to Chinese consumers.

Meanwhile, JD.com also had kind words for the two companies, with the leader of JD.com’s fresh food division Xiaozhou Zhou noting that the company is pleased with the partnerships. He also pointed out that Chinese consumers favor the platform when it comes to buying fresh imported products.

The partnership between Zespri and JD.com was established in 2017, when the New Zealand company set a store on the e-commerce platform. The partnership between the two parties enables the kiwifruit exporter to leverage the capabilities and the logistics network provided by the Chinese retailer. Rockit Global Limited also has a flagship store on JD.com, with China being the most important market for the New Zealand company.