Jd.com and Becoming Great

It isn’t easy to run a business. Furthermore, it is much more difficult to run a business that is based on high growth expectations. A company has different problems through each stage of its life cycle and it must adapt to each changing environment accordingly. Furthermore, it must never lose sight of its focus within the marketplace, it must understand the value it provides to its user base and it must continue to execute and deliver in a manner that is efficient and makes an impact on the life of the consumer.

The fact of the matter is that for companies such as Jd.com life can move quite quickly. Companies such as Jd.com will have to continue to move forward and operate each day because they have to act like Jeff Bezos would say as if each day “was day one”. Acting in such a manner helps them to not slow down, promotes growth activities and provides for protocols and communication that contributes to the furthering of a viable company. Business growth for Jd.com is not a nice to have, it is a must-have.

Proper business growth will arrive from the correct management of all the resources within the company. Jingdong will have to look into how they can leverage their platform in deeper ways to really help their customers and bring in more partners to grow their relevance within the larger ecosystem. Being able to move quickly as a company that is Jd.com and its size means that the company will have to operate in a decentralized but focused company, where teams and divisions can collaborate but make certain to focus.

To do a great job to meet the needs of the board of directors, investors, and other key parties within the ecosystem, Jd.com must act in a responsible manner each day. They must make certain to minimize their expense and to maximize their gains and opportunities.

Teams within the company may have to place in extra hours at times to truly compete with other teams working for other larger companies. Furthermore, quality focus, good work, and deep work would be needed to truly understand the problems they solve and be the best company to meet the needs of customers.

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