Jason Hope contributions towards the treatment of age-related diseases

SENS Research Foundation involves itself in Rejuvenation technology, with the help of well-wisher’s contribution. The contributions to the organization are being used to develop drugs that fight complication that comes with aging. Moreover, the organization aims at fighting cancer, Parkinson’s diseases, cellular and molecular damage, and Alzheimer’s disease. The organization relies on preventive strategies on combating these age-related complications. SENS supports the work of scientists, researchers and investors in the field of medicine. One of the philanthropists who has shown interest in the foundation is Jason Hope, who says that he hopes to take part in the expansion of anti-aging research.

How Jason Hope Is Fighting For Anti-aging Research

Jason Hope contributed about $500,000 to the foundation in 2010, which the foundation says that it directed towards the construction of a laboratory in Cambridge. The contribution of Jason and the contribution of other generous people were headed towards a new research program that researches on degenerative complication in old people. Among the diseases that affect old people are Alzheimer’s and Lung diseases, which the foundation says without proper care the disorders could lead to premature death as it breaks down the human body cells.

The age breaker program developed by SENS Foundation has come up with drugs that help to prevent glycation and metabolic waste. When people get older, they build up metabolic waste on their bodies that lead to cell degeneration. Little research has been directed in this field; thus there is little treatment of old age ailments, the funding will help the researchers to gather missing critical information on treatment of old age diseases.

Results on the research have been disappointing in the past since the tests have been done on animals. Researchers thought that they had found leads based on the results obtained from the animals, but it turned out to be negative. The genetic differences that exist between humans and animals render the finds obsolete. Today however researchers understand the complexities that exist between humans and animals; advancement in research might yield positive results in the future. The possibility of effective treatment of diseases in the future has caught the attention of researchers who include Jason Hope.