James Dondero Works Hard to Support Nonprofits


When you attend the opera or visit an art gallery, did you notice any signs thanking either a person or an enterprise for their grants? You likely did, but didn’t pay the commentary much mind. The grants provided to the arts, however, are significant contributions.

Without them, many theaters, performance centers, and art venues would not survive much less thrive. James Dondero, a top executive at Highland Capital Management, knows this. That’s why Jim Dondero helps direct funds toward artistic causes.

James Dondero supports many philanthropic endeavors in the Dallas, TX area. Dondero achieved local notoriety thanks to the incredible growth of Highland Capital Management. The investment banking firm handles a massive amount of assets. The total of assets under Highland’s oversight is roughly $17 billion. Running such a company requires a tremendous commitment. Jim Dondero still finds time to support nonprofits, and he helps support a great many of them.

Medical causes receive attention from Dondero and the Highland Capital Management organization. Persons outside the medical field do not realize how much money is necessary for continuing research into diseases and conditions.

So, university medical research facilities rely on generous contributions from caring people and responsible businesses. Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas both receive funds through Jim Dondero’s efforts. Get More Information Here.

The Bush Center received the largest endowment ever from Highland. $10 million found its way to the Bush Center, which provides a valuable service to the local community. The endowment launched the “Engage Series” of speeches intended to promote political and social awareness. Without the funding, the series might never have gotten off the ground. See This Page for additional information

Private citizens and private businesses are under no obligation to support nonprofits. The work done by Dondero and Highland Capital Management is strictly voluntary, and great good has come out of the donations.


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