James Dondero and Aiding Everyone

James Dondero is a sedulous executive who operates out of Dallas, Texas at this moment in time. He wasn’t always situated in the lively Big D, however. He worked for some time decades ago in Los Angeles, California. He went to school as a young adult in Central Virginia as well. Jim Dondero is someone who calls the University of Virginia his alma mater. He studied at the respectable Charlottesville school long ago. He was an honors student there, too. Studying accounting and finance here was something that gave him a feeling of purpose. He exited the school with an impressive B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree. His commerce proficiency grew rapidly throughout his college years.

James Dondero is Highland Capital Management, LP’s President. He created the firm next to investment banking wizard Mark Okada. There’s no denying just how much Jim Dondero knows about subjects like equity markets and credit. He talks to people about distressed investing methods. He talks to them just as much about mutual funds and CLOs or “collateralized loan obligations.”

Jim Dondero’s time with Highland Capital Management commenced in 1993. This is a business in Dallas that accommodates alternative investments that are international in scope. James Dondero handles so much with the operations of Highland Capital Management. Okada’s schedule is equally jam-packed all of the time.

Although there’s no arguing just how much James Dondero cares about investments and similar monetary matters, there’s also no disputing just how devoted he is to the charity field. He sets aside so much time for philanthropic causes of all varieties in the Dallas area. He thinks about organizations that aid children who are ill. He thinks about organizations that simply put joy into peoples’ lives as well. He likes to do anything he can to enhance the Dallas Zoo.