Isabel Dos Santos Shares How Entrepreneurship Is Spreading Across Africa

During the first two decades of her career, Isabel dos Santos earned over $2 billion. She invested in companies that are diversified across multiple sectors. She is the wealthiest woman in Africa and has used some of her money to expand her philanthropic work. She has created many opportunities for young Africans to advance their careers and become entrepreneurs, especially women.

She has helped women create businesses in the agricultural industry. By creating thriving farms that use environmentally friendly practices, these women boost the local economy by bringing in money from elsewhere and providing jobs. This also leads to a more stable supply of food. Isabel dos Santos has taught them how to grow and manage their businesses and what technologies are available to help get the most out of their farms.

A large amount of her wealth has been derived from the telecommunications industry. Her company, Unitel, built a nationwide network through which people can place phone calls and access the internet. Isabel dos Santos says there is a modernization trend across Africa that is unleashing that continent’s economic output. Increasingly, Africans are involved in the global economy. She sees great promise in providing people with education in information technology, app development, and other technologies. View more on Instagram

She asks what type of world people collectively want to build. One of the important considerations is that nobody is left behind as new technology changes entire industries. Isabel dos Santos wants to help build an inclusive world where everybody has a role to play. She attended the 2018 Bloomberg Global Business Forum, which took place in New York City. At the event, she said that her concern was that decisions are being made that don’t consider how they impact Africa. These decisions were instead being made based on concerns that business leaders in the Western world have.

Writing on her blog, Isabel dos Santos wrote that there are many more entrepreneurs in Africa than ever before. Some of them are familiar faces to people all over the world. She wrote that success creates more success and she is hopeful that many more Africans will become entrepreneurs in the years to come.