Isabel dos Santos’ Fight Against Stigmatization of Women in the African Business World

Isabel dos Santos entered adult life by studying electrical engineering at King’s College in London. Today she is a billionaire businesswoman who serves as the chairwoman of Unitel, an Angolan telecommunications company. She has done much to bring Africa into the 21st century but she is clear that she still has a lot of work ahead of her. But she is also clear that she cannot do this alone and wants all of Africa to embrace the vision and pursue advancement with her. 

Although Africa has seen some improvement in modernization in past years, it always failed because of lack of planning. This is something big Santos brings to the table. She has always been focused on African technology development and investment. The average African is getting more and more excited about the technological possibilities before them (Africanews). 

Santos also drives support by speaking at various organizations all over the world. Her years of amazing success as a businesswoman have made her many admirers among young African women who are seeking to follow in her footsteps.  Isabel dos Santos believes in the future of Africa in large part because of these growing businesswomen. However, Santos is now trying to do away with still remaining stigmatization of women in the workplace.

This stigma is a carryover from Africa’s now conquered traditional anti-change ethic. Most of her efforts for the changes mentioned have centered on her native home of Angola. Isabel has faced sexism and discrimination herself. That is why there she is a frequent speaker at universities and business institutions. She strongly believes that the needed technological advancements will also result in a much healthier economy and more employment opportunities. Girded with digitalization, the masses of unemployed people in Africa will find it much easier to find jobs.

Santos recommends individuals who want to succeed in the world of business, that having an end goal in mind is very good, but not enough. They must have a string of sub-goals in mind as well to help them reach that main objective. In other words, they need a solid plan.
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