Isabel Dos Santos Defended Her Reputation Upon Clash Against Joo Loureno

The dispute between the President of the Republic of Angola, João Lourenço, and the Angolan businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos, is not a secret to many. It has even reached the confines of social media. After the cancellation of the Urbinveste contract for the Marginal da Corimba, Dos Santos took it over Instagram that no one can take her good name and reputation away.

Isabel Dos Santos posted in her official Instagram account that her good name and reputation is something that no one is going to take away from her. Reputation is an important thing for an entrepreneur, as it is the biggest basis of trust. She also mentioned how as a businesswoman, she has been contributing to the country’s economy and how she has added responsibility for her employees that depends on her decisions and actions day by day. Dos Santos pointed out that because of this confidence and trust by her employees, she is committed to doing her duty in a correct, legal, and just matter.

The businesswoman added on her Instagram post that she chose to tackle on big challenges because she learned that “In order to see the rainbow, you should have to learn to like the rain.” It can be remembered that the local newspaper Jornal de Negocios reported the decision of President João Lourenço about the Urbimveste Contract. The President claimed that the contract is overcharging the costs, and that’s the reason why he declared the cancellation of it. It is also worthy to note that the President has implemented several measures that clash the interest of the Dos Santos family, which is headed by the former President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.

Isabel Dos Santos reacted to the President’s accusation about the Urbinviste Contract’s overbilling. She defended Urbinveste and claimed that the accusation is false. She also pointed out how the accusation doesn’t have any evidence at all. President Lourenço annulled the contract last May 17.

Isabel Dos Santos is a known woman figure in Angola’s entrepreneurship and has developed a lot of successful businesses throughout her career. Her projects have been one promoting the development of the country’s technology, solving a lot of company’s problem and enhancing its economy by added employment.

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