Isabel dos Santos and Major Businesspersons

Isabel dos Santos is a woman who was born in Baku in the country of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan in the past was part of the Soviet Union. She’s a successful businessperson who comes from the African nation of Angola. She’s been around since the start of April in 1973. She knows a lot about vital topics such as retail, energy, banking and even telecommunications. She puts attention into her homeland of Angola. She puts attention into Portugal as well. Portugal is part of the Southwestern section of Europe. Forbes is a publication that hails from the United States. The magazine indicates that Isabel dos Santos is among the most wealthiest individuals on the entire African continent. The team members at Forbes believe that she may be worth billions of dollars currently.

Isabel dos Santos does a lot of work on the Internet. That’s exactly why she gives a lot of effort to the social networking realm. She’s particularly keen on a social networking website that’s referred to as Twitter. She signed up for the site in the spring of 2016 and because of that now has a lot of proficiency with regard to it. Her Twitter biography is on the concise side. She mentions that she’s an expert investor, entrepreneur and engineer in it. Isabel dos Santos posted more than 200 video clips and images on Twitter. Her official tweets are suitable for people who are able to talk and read in the Portuguese language.

She occasionally posts Tweets that can come in handy for people who talk and read in English as well. She once tweeted about a Bloomberg event that took place. Dos Santos says on behalf of other major businesspersons who are in Africa. She went to an event that was set in St. Petersburg in Russia. It was part of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. She was with all sorts of individuals who have a lot of influence internationally. She was right next to Mikhail Bogdanov. She regularly speaks about the interactions that Africa and Russia have right now. It’s a big topic that makes her feel fascinated and committed. Click here.