IP Geolocation Made Easy with LocationSmart

Not everyone is taking advantage of IP geolocation, so they are missing the opportunity to improve the way that they communicate with their customers. LocationSmart is the company that makes this easy with a platform that increases the benefits that a company can get from IP geolocation.


As a business owner, you need to know your customers’ IP addresses so that you can identify who they are. This must be possible for you to do because you may need to comply with legal regulations.


Some companies are under strict regulations, and these regulations are related to your location and your customers’ locations. Gaming websites must strictly comply with the regulations of state and federal government entities because some areas in the country are not allowed to participate on gaming websites. You will not be able to allow these visitors to be on your website to place bets unless you know and confirm their locations. If someone falls through the cracks and is allowed to accept a payout, for example, you would face severe legal consequences.


LocationSmart can help you be fully compliant with the laws by making it possible for you to collect your visitors’ IP geolocation data. You will know exactly where the visitor is located and whether or not it is permissible for him to use your website. You can also make improvements to the user experience. Each visitor will not have to waste time proving that he or she is allowed to be on your website because you will see the visitor’s location.


IP geolocation benefits you in other ways as well. People are constantly looking for new ways to involve themselves in fraud. Fraud is something that hurts you as well as your customers. When someone accesses your services via a network, you will see that person’s IP address. You will also know if the user’s account is being accessed by the device that the owner of the account usually uses. You will know if a user is going out of his way to cover up his true identity and location.


IP geolocation users will receive this important data in real time, so you will be able to do what must be done to identify the user. In this case, you can have more than one identifying hoop for your customers to jump through if ever there is a question about identity. Until the user takes the necessary steps to identify himself, you can opt to deny access to the account.


With LocationSmart, you have the ability to identify more than 3 billion IP addresses from all over the world. More than 30 million devices are using LocationSmart in Canada, and they don’t need to download an app or software for the privilege.


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