International Business with Mark Holyoake

The 21st century global economy is one based around the idea of globalization. Modern technology has made it possible for people from all walks to meet and interact in a common space. Mark Holyoake is an individual taking advantage of these modern economic conditions. He graduated from the University of Reading in 1995, where he immendiently began building an international presence. Mark Holyoake’s experience of doing business with clients across boarders would give him the skills to elevate his carrer down the road. He recently sat down with Ideamensch to recount the tell of his journey.

As founder and owner of Oakvest Holdings, Mark Holyoake is regularly put in charge of helping and sustaining companies that he works with. His specialty is in the food sector where business success tends to be more stable. However, it was his vast international experience that played a big role in 2010. He was in Ireland during the worst of the economic collapse. As a tiny country, they were hit hard but the poor economic conditions. Mark Holyoake presented an opportunity for the country to turn its future prospects around. They had to let him buy Iceland Seafood International, a local symbol of their strength in seafood. Mark Holyoake expanded the company’s sphere of influence across the greater European region. Ireland quickly found itself raising back from the ashes.

This deal was a risk, but it paid off for Ireland and Mark Holyoake’s personal career. Iceland Seafood International was operating competitive on the international stage with many other companies. When it comes to seeing his ideas to completion, Mark Holyoake takes on the mindset that he can not possibly fail. He must envision and execute the scenario where everything works out. This involves finding the right team of individuals who the same vision of success. Just a single individual can affect the final product from its achieving highest potential.

Mark Holyoake has seen the economy in its worst, and its best. He fully understands how to navigate the market, and what will resonate with consumers. There is always a way to push forward.

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