Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian investment advisor born in 1947 at Curitiba. Born naturally sharp, Igor Cornelsen started pursuing his university degree at a tender age of eighteen years. He joined the school of engineering but later opted out for economics at the Federal University of Panara. Igor was excellent in calculation skills, seeing him top his class of economics severally. He finally left the institution; a graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1970.

Igor Cornelsen’s competitive calculation skills enabled him to calculate compound interest rates without the use of technology. Due to this extraordinary ability, he was hired immediately after his graduation to work in an investment bank. This opportunity had him start his journey in the investment field officially in the year 1971 in which he would later flourish and start his own company that offers consultancy services in investments.


Igor’s hard work, right skills, and innovative nature catapulted his first promotion barely three years into the job, freshly from the university. He was promoted to join the Multibanco’s Board of Directors in the year 1974 where he consequently headed it two years later as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. However, he did not work for long as the Bank of America moved in to acquire Multibanco. After the company was acquired, he found his way to Unibanco where he worked until the year 1985 then later started working at Libra Bank PLC. His transfer from Multibanco to Unibanco was a door opener to Igor Cornelsen as he later became a member of the board in Standard Charter Merchant Bank and the representative of Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen gained sufficient experience in the investment field that saw him venturing into private consultancy. He opened his own Investment Company in 1995 where he works as the investment manager up to date. He attributes his growth and success to great focus and commitment.