How Randal Nardone became king of asset management

With two separate bachelor degrees in English and Biology and a JD in law, Randal Nardone is an individual who needs no introduction, as his vast accomplishments speak on his behalf. Randal who is a co-founder and also the CEO of alternative investment giant\, Fortress Investment boasts a long, compelling career in the finance realm.

He is one of the best asset managers around, as well as an innovative leader, characteristics that have seen him lead Fortress to being a market leader in alternative asset management. His efforts to make the company a leader have also enabled him to reap massive benefits as he is now among world billionaires ranking #557 on Forbes. Visit to know more of Randal Nardone

Where it all began

Despite him being an influential figure in finance, it is important to note that he started his career in law, and as stated earlier, he even holds a JD. However, shortly after the genesis of his career in litigation at Thacher, Proffitt & Wood law firm, Randal Nardone realized that his passion lied in numbers and immediately began to look for ways that he could connect the two fields. He found this connection in finance management and soon secured a position at Blackrock finance.

Being a man who excels in everything he does, it was not long before he attracted the attention of high profile companies in finance, and soon secured the position of director at UBS. He worked here for a short while, but his natural entrepreneurial skills could not allow him to continue being employed. So in 1998, Randal Nardone joined hands with Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens, individuals who like him had the same goals, and together they established Fortress.

Even though Rob Kauffman resigned a few years later, Randal Nardone together with two other principals of Fortress has been faithfully shepherding Fortress to green pastures with each wake. He has had a hand in the formation of multiple Fortress affiliates and remains instrumental in the running of all of them. He also holds senior positions in financial firms such as Eurocastle, IMPAC commercial holdings, Springleaf and a long string of others.

Despite his tight schedule, Randal Nardone still creates time for his family, and for the community as well, as he takes time to contribute to various charitable causes.