How Gustavo Martinez is Redefining Success in the World of Advertising

Each company in the commercial world has two main objectives — to increase the sales and ensure that the profits are at par with the company’s projections. Gustavo Martinez has been on a journey of helping companies achieve the two objectives but under different entities. According to multiple advertising journals, he is one of the most skillful professionals in our time, and he understands what each company needs to attract traffic and eventually sales volumes. He has also worked with hundreds of clients during his three decades career and thanks to his work experience; Gustavo Martinez counts himself lucky for experience and growth. Martinez also points out that although the industry has undergone through different changes, the principles of advertising have remained the same.


In his career as an advertising guru, he is fortunate to be part of the biggest projects of our time. Through the main three companies he has worked for, Gustavo Martinez has been able to supervise some of the most iconic projects in this niche. Unlike other mainstream advertising professionals, he believes that each project is unique, and therefore, each project must have an exceptional approach. Thus, each project — in his three decades career — was a product of research and more importantly creating realistic projections. Gustavo Martinez also understands that after the project is thorough, he has a duty as an expert to do a follow up on whether the project brought sales or not. If the sales remained constant, he employed a different approach, and this summarizes his entire advertising career.


Advertising is arguably one of the most competitive niches in the world and in order to remain useful to companies and other professionals, he the following approaches. First, Gustavo Martinez works with some of the best teams in creating gigs, and this approach has many advantages, as far as his longevity and creativity are concerned. Second, he understands that reading and investing in research is also a game changer in his life as a marketer and advertising professional. In the last three decades, he has developed a culture of reading and reading has helped him in developing different perspectives in his work as a marketer.


Although the marketing principles remain constant, the industry has undergone different changes, and thanks to these changes, the marketing industry is more efficient. One of these changes, according to Gustavo Martinez, is the Internet and more specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT). He points out that any modern marketer must acknowledge these changes and invest time and resources in understanding them. In the past eight years, Martinez has invested his time in understanding how the new trends affect his work as a marketer and more specifically, how to capitalize on these changes as an expert.


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