How Dr. Saad Saad Is Vital At the Hovnanian Children Hospital

Dr. Saad family comprised of at least eight children. It was a blessed family where three were a teacher, surgeon, two held PhDs, and the remaining had master’s degrees in engineering. Forty-seven years ago, the doctor attended Cairo University in Egypt.

During his graduation, he was the second-best student in his medical class where he received an honors degree. Later, he did his internship in England.

After two years, he went to the USA and after completing the internship. While in the country, he did pediatric and residency in surgery and thus was certified by the Certified Board of United States of America. He has four children after being married for 42 years. The children were also knowledgeable with the family having two surgeons, an ICU nurse, and a lawyer.

In his career, Dr. Saad Saad developed two inventions and numerous procedures that were useful in pediatric surgery. For instance, he contains a 40-year experience in handling complex surgeries that involve the children.

Some of them range from infants to teenagers. As a result, he was fundamental in Jerusalem medical camp. For example, he conducted free eight missions that included complex operations on the poor children. Before he retired, he had leadership positions at Hovnanian Children Hospital as a Medical Director and a Chief Surgeon. The system involved the Meridian Health Care.

The Interview

While in high school in Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad wanted to be an engineer like his elder brothers who worked in construction firms in Kuwait. Due to the hot weather in the country, he realized that he needed an indoor job with air conditioners. Hence, he decided to be a doctor and a surgeon. His mentor was Dr. H.Biemann Othersen who trained him as a pediatric surgeon while in Charleston, SC. He taught him to be kind, hardworking, and honest. Furthermore, regardless of religion, he was to treat all children equal.

Genetics excites him more because they determine the ability of an individual to understand treat and prevent other diseases. He believes through research: he can make his ideas a reality. For instance, he developed the endoscope and catheter after various years of study. Dr . Saad Saad is productive in his organization. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He is more efficient and does not procrastinate the work that he needs to do. The surgeon plans his tasks and accomplishes them when the day starts. Moreover, he practices meditation to make him focused. He thinks that an individual can attain his goals through persistence. He says that he does not need to worry as long as he focuses on what he wants to get. Even though some people fail, the experience gained is valuable.


The doctor believes his faith is vital in his life. As a poor student, he had to perform the best in his education. While in the medical school, he received an honor as a salutation.

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