History of the Successful Career of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was a very successful and determined individual while he was still living on this planet. Borthwick had not only mastered one trade, but three trades throughout his life. These three being broadcasting, writing, and journalism. This is no ordinary feat because most normal human beings struggle to master one trade throughout there life and Borthwick has mastered three and along with this he eventually settled down and married the love of his life whom he would go on to spend his life with up until the day he passed away. Borthwick also lived through many different travesties during his time among them was the second world war, which was one of the most devastating wars of all time pretty much involving the entire world hence the name. However, Borthwick was not hurt during the war and managed to get back to his home country of Scotland safe and sound where he would pick up his many other careers. While in the war he served as an intelligence officer for the military of Scotland. He did very well at his job while in the service, but his true success came out of the military. Fresh out of the war Borthwick wrote a book explaining how he felt about the war and just about his personal experiences with his time in the military. This book became extremely popular at the tie of its publication. Another piece of work Borthwick got published is, “Always a Little Further”, which from its publication to the present day is regarded as one of the best pieces of literature that speaks of outdoor activity in the country of Scotland. After his time in the war and his many different publication Borthwick decided it was time to start his broadcasting career where he started working for the BBC for a few years. After this in the 1960’s he began his very successful television career working for Grampian TV. He produced over one hundred tv shows which is an incredible feat and shows that he was well loved by the people. Soon after his television career Borthwick packed up and moved to a farm in the country to live out the rest of his days with his wife in peace.