HGGC, founded in 2007, is a venture capital and private equity (investment firms, organized as partnerships, that buy and restructure companies not publicly traded) firm based in California, United States. HGGC was founded by Bob Gay, Gregory M. Benson, Richard Lawson, and Steve Young.
This firm remains a giant in the world of middle-market private equity as it is the leading firm with capital commitments summing to $4.3 billion. HGGC is also a leading employer as it has over 10,001 employees, attached to it.
This firm derives its edge and uniqueness from “advantage investing,” which comes with advantages such as, enabling the company to find and secure scalable business at impressive multiples by using partnerships with their team of management, sponsors, and founders who reinvest alongside HGGC
The Executive Team
The executive team at this firm currently comprises of 19 members, inclusive of but not limited to Mr. Steve Young, Co-founder who doubles as a Managing Partner, Mr. Bob Gay, Co-founder, and Executive Director. Mr. Neil White is the Managing Director, Mr. Gregory M. Benson, is the Co-founder and Managing Director, and Mr. Richard Lawson, the CEO, Co-founder and Managing Partner. Nonetheless, Mr. Hudson Smith is the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Pat Dugoni, the Vice President and Mr. Greg Hughes, the Managing Director.
The total number of investments made by this firm stand at seven. Of this number, three stand out as the major investments made so far. In the recent past, current, and future, the world has morphed into a technology-driven society.
With HGGC being a private equity firm, they have seen the importance of technology in life and how humanity has embraced technology, making this firm to invest (in recent years) in companies dealing with technology. An example of such companies is the FPX (Pioneer Developer of Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Solutions), with a system which helps in improving efficiency, speed and accuracy while streamlining sales of e investment. Otcomplex products line. This investment was announced on September 27, 2017, and is still an activher investments include, Denodo Technologies, announced on June 28, 2017, and MyWebGrocer from which the firm raised $48 million.