Gustavo Martinez: True to His Vision

Thirty-five years of Gustavo Martinez’s career have been in advertising and marketing. He has been a leader for many important business firms, overseeing various ad creations that became icons of pop-culture. Martinez was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, the world’s most legendary and largest marketing firm. He was also president of Olgilvy and Mather in addition to McCann Worldgroup before going to Henkel and Price Waterhouse.


Business Acceleration and Consulting’s Role in Marketing


Consulting is a term that means an independent contractor provides services at operational and strategic levels. Consulting has been part of advertising since the start and the model has been proven for almost a century in marketing. Gustavo Martinez worked in consulting prior to running established firms. Creativity is the asset most valuable to marketing or advertising.


Gustavo Martinez’s Typical Day


Martinez’s day begins by having breakfast with his family when he isn’t traveling, he then goes though his email and skims the business news. His work day is typically from nine in the morning to seven or nine at night.


Ideas Become Reality


Campaigns for marketing are focused on creativity. Gustavo Martinez has found that diversity in all areas including team members’ experience and background help to make the solutions to problems more creative and offer a wider range of ideas. The role of a team leader is to keep people inspired as well as motivated. It is important that the projects people are put on are ones that truly interest them. Gustavo Martinez says that it is also important to recognize the quality of work that was done in the past. People are motivated by recognition of their accomplishments.


The Trend that excites Martinez


Internet is the trend that excites Martinez because it is overlooked by a lot of people in marketing. Specifically, internet connected devices such as refrigerators that can make suggests to customers in their own homes. The idea of household items placing and paying for order that are then delivered to the home within fifteen minutes is what Gustavo Martinez has in mind.


Single Productivity Habit and Advice


Letting people know their worth so they feel important, being generous and listening are ways to increase productivity. Everyone can contribute something. Martinez would tell his younger self that he should have patience and be willing to learn from other people.


Gustavo Martinez believes that charity should be done out of kindness and not a desire to be seen as a good person or show off status.


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