Gustavo Martinez Talks Marketing

Gustavo Martinez is a marketing genius and expert. He has over 35 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. He is responsible for creating some of the most iconic ad campaigns that have transcended pop culture. His work is known worldwide and has had an effect on the advertising industry on a global level. Gustavo Martinez has a very impressive work history he was the chief executive officer for J. Walter Thompson. He was also the president at the McCann WorldGroup and Ogilvy and Mather. Gustavo Martines currently is an entrepreneur and business consultant. He consults companies in the areas of marketing and advertising that will help the company grow. Gustavo Martinez works hands on when consulting his clients and he gives each one of his clients a personalized consulting effort because no two clients are the same.


Mr. Martinez understands that when it comes to marketing and advertising it is a very unique industry. This industry can be very difficult because it consistently relies on talent and creativity. This is why Gustavo Martinez also consults his clients on how to recruit the right talent. Although the marketing and advertising industry can be challenging at times Gustavo Maritinez still sees marketing and advertising as a work of art. What makes Gustavo Martinez so unique and in demand is because he has experience on both sides of the industry. He has held major executive positions and he has also been a creator in the marketing and advertising industry. Gustavo has been hired to do the recruiting for some of the biggest advertising firm in the United States. When he is in charge of running a marketing team he gives the creators the independence needed for them to be creative and reach their full potential. He states if an individual is extremely creative and has mastered the craft of marketing and advertising they should consider consulting because they will be to use every bit of their creativity.


Gustavo Martines has teamed up with a company called UV Business and they have started to assist startup companies to have a successful business when they open their doors. They call this type of consulting business acceleration. The Focus of Gustavo Martinez and UV Business is too help the startup to improve their marketing and get excellent outcomes when they first open their doors. Gustavo Maartinez has been doing his research and he states the 90 percent of startups fail on a global level. Gustavo Martinez and UV Business plan on accomplishing the business acceleration of a company by improving on the companies overall functionality and using the best technology design. Gustavo Martinez and his partner UV Business have found a problem and have figured out a way to solve it. This venture will be very lucrative for Gustavo Martinez and UV Business. This service will also increase the startup business success rate.


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