Gustavo Martinez talks about consulting in Marketing and advertising

Lately, Gustavo Martinez has chosen to take a while new direction in marketing and advertising. The veteran has been seen to favor consultancy at the expense of the practices that have been in place for decades.

He also says that it is one pf the things that he will be focusing on as his career comes to an end. However, what everyone is wondering is the reason he would take such a direction, yet there is a way he has always done things. He thought it wise to address this new concept in a recent interview. Read on to find out his take on consultancy in marketing.

An independent contractor

According to Gustavo Martinez, people should stop thinking too much about consulting in marketing. He is of the view that when one ventures into consultancy, they are only changing their status to an independent contractor.

They have more control of their work because they determine who to work for and how to do it. At this level, you have moved out of employment and therefore, you will be your own boss. The good thing that comes with such a move is that the contractor will now offer more high-end services, and this is a good thing or the customers.

It is centered on creativity

Unlike other professions, consultancy in advertising and marketing is centered on creativity. Gustavo Martinez says that it is not easy to offer such services when you cannot come up with creative ways of doing it. For example, he recommends that everyone tries to be unique. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Wikipedia  and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

You will find it much easier to come up with iconic ads and shape the industry when you can add a personal touch to the story. This aspect will be best offered when someone chooses to leave the conventional style and venture into consultancy.

Following a clear process

In addition to upping creativity in ads and marketing campaigns, the other thing that consultancy brings to the industry is the interaction of works that follow a clear process. To explain this point even further, Gustavo Martinez uses the example of painters and other artists.

He shows that even though they may all be asked to paint the same surface, there are unique ways through which each one of them will do it, and this will lead to different results. It is this difference in approach that is likely to make people like or dislike their work.

For Gustavo Martinez, the main thing that powers marketing is raw creativity, and it can only be found through consultancy. Therefore, he wants people to start changing the way the market and advertise businesses. By embracing creativity, he is sure that there will be a major revolution in this industry to the delight of everyone.

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