Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

Joint Ventures is managed by Gulf Coast Western LLC. Its focus is on the gulf coast area of America, and it explores and acquires oil and gas reserves. The company makes use of its vast resources along with its industry know-how. Part of the process is Joint Ventures commitment to providing high rewards with low-risk projects for its partners. Matt Fleeger is both President and CEO of the company. He has huge experience and he is an expert in the fields of strategic planning, team building, and contract negotiation. He has worked in oil and gas along with the tanning industry where he created two companies that are worth over 100 million dollars. Much of the success of the company is based on a clear mission and open communication between Gulf Coast Western and its partners. Those high standards have resulted in an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Gulf Coast WesternWhile the company has a footprint across the gulf coast, the company started as a family business based in Dallas, Texas. The company has an increasing presence in Louisiana. A partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration has resulted in hundreds of miles of land that has 13 wells and 140 drilling locations. There is potential for 30 million barrels of oil or its equivalent in Acadia, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Evangeline, and St. Landry Parishes. The deal will allow Gulf Coast Western to access working and possible sites across Louisiana. It is not the only partnership. Gulf Coast Western is also working with Northcote Energy Ltd. It will allow for the use of Salt Water Disposal (SWD).

Along with their work in the gulf coast, the company is looking to expand into other areas of the United States.