Glenn Schlossberg: Fashion and Racing


The CEO of Jump Design Group, a women’s fashion conglomerate is Glenn Schlossberg. Recently, he started to enter the speed market, not only in the department store but also on the track. He has a taste in the areas of racing and cars that are both “exquisite and refined.” He built a reputation of his own in the community of racing. This particular interest is not a new one for him.

More Than Speed

Glenn Schlossberg believes that throughout his life he has developed a connection to speed. For example, when he was younger, a hobby of his was motocross racing. However, this is important to him in more areas than just speed. One example is the design element. He has had a long history in the area. He is also interested in engineering and enjoys delivering to people a rush of adrenaline.


With Schlossberg and his two interests, he has to attend many meetings. In these meetings, he meets with his teams like sales, production, and design. If that is not enough, he also travels all around the world in different time zones. This quick schedule he credits for his two loves of amateur and time attack racing. Time attack racing is where a racer battles against their own time. In this race, you do not have to rely on other drivers. Schlossberg uses this race to relax and meditate. He does this racing at a location known as the Monticello Motor Club in Manhattan. The Motorhead club is for the wealthiest New York motorhead members. Also, he gives credit for his meditation in boosting “creativity and sparking innovation.”


Glenn Schlossberg spends a majority of his days at work in ways such as being involved in the Manhattan fashion industry. With being involved in both fashion and racing, he may need a lot of resting from that. He has, however, developed an appreciation in areas like the worldwide manufacturing of vehicles. To know more about Glenn visit