Glenn Schlossberg, an Iconic Fashion Guru

Jump Design Group (established back in the 1990s) is the perfect, fitting description for Glenn Schlossberg. He is the premier, top-designing supplier in a line of women’s clothing apparel, known as fast-fashion. Schlossberg keenly understands the inner workings of changing trends and the need for efficient speed.

With a family background in the clothing industry, Glenn Schlossberg’s upbringing afforded him the perks of learning this trade firsthand at a young age. Choosing to directly go into this business, he skipped college. Becoming successful through his inner perspective, provided the necessary intuitions about how to make improvements within the fashion industry. Of course, marrying his wife, Zena, with a prestigious, Cornell MBA assisted in the development of his first, receptive, business plan.

For Schlossberg, success derives from a competitive sales force. Attributing the importance of having a market of buyers before manufacturing and distribution provides the key to gaining an edge over others. After all, if no one is there to purchase your goods, there is no reason to produce it, nor create a supply chain.

Thankfully for his 200 employees, Glenn Schlossberg has it all under control. With an office and a warehouse in New York City and a manufacturing plant only 20 miles away in New Jersey, Schlossberg and his team jump on every opportunity with ease and speed. By cutting competitors time by leaps and bounds, a concept idea is on the shelf within a remarkable few weeks’ time.

Claiming fame, with the start of his clothing merchandise within the once acclaimed Montgomery Wards, today all of Schlossberg designs are available in major department stores around the world, Acquiring brand labels; such as the most recent, Susana Monaco, along with his established labels: Macy’s, Tiana B., Bebe, Marina, Hope, Blue Sage, Annalee, the Onyx lines and Helene Blake is an impressive list.

Of course, having the ability to produce trendy, clothing lines quickly and efficiently under popular labels is only part of Schlossberg’s success. In conjunction with these impressive attributes is the concept of producing only with quality fabrics at a reasonable cost to the consumer. The balance between choosing material types and prints in conjunction with maintaining a high profit margin coincides with understanding his competition.

To stay current in the areas of prospective buyers demands and the latest, technological advances require travel. For this reason, Schlossberg remains current and relevant through plenty of voyages. As a frequent guest in plants abroad, particularly Asia’s manufacturing plants and London’s famed shopping centers, the latest trends become designed and adapted here in the United States. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit