Glen Wakeman’s Work Ethic is Helping LaunchPad Holdings LLC Excel

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which is an SAAS company that he founded back in 2015. Wakeman’s career has spanned over 2 decades (20+ years) as a career businessman working in finance. Wakeman has spent his career as an entrepreneur and a mentor where he revolutionized how business is run. He ended up being the CEO of a business with over 17,000 employees that had $15 billion in assets. His accomplishments with his company included entering the company into new markets, launching many new start-up projects, and helping the company achieve exponential growth. He did it all through his 5 governing principals that he used as a baseline to judge performance including execution, governance, human capital, leadership, and risk management.



Glen Wakeman was able to take what he learned from being an investor to share his insight via regular blog posts and discussing topics like fiscal matters, emerging markets, and management/administration strategies, and more. He also blogs frequently about business transformation, global affairs, emerging markets, and leadership as he provides others with more information about how he has been so successful. Everyone who has worked with Wakeman says it’s professional work ethic that has gotten him to the point where he is today.  They credit him for where companies like GE Capital. Glen Wakeman has also used his education from the University of Chicago where he received a degree in business finance to help him get to where he is today in his career.


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