Glen Wakeman and LaunchPad Help Increase the Success of Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

It is well known that the majority of startups that are envisioned by their founders do not make it out of the ideation phase. Many entrepreneurs that come up with brilliant ideas, falter when it comes time for business execution. Enter LaunchPad. The firm co-founded and helmed by Glen Wakeman specializes in guiding early-stage companies from the point of having a great idea to the reality of a successful launch. Wakeman draws from his past experiences, including a successful stint at GE Capital.

Glen Wakeman holds an MBA in Finance as well as a BS in Economics, and his successful career has built on this educational foundation. His work at LaunchPad is the natural progression from his education and prior experience. In addition to providing strategic guidance to nascent business leaders, Wakeman also develops effective performance management systems.

With the founding of LaunchPad in 2015, Glen Wakeman combined his education and the entire breadth of his prior experience into the formation of this successful company. It was Wakeman’s observation that many companies in the early stages of their existence lacked basic strategies and systems such as timelines, structures to recognize and overcome pitfalls and obstacles, and creating and enacting a clear and concise business plan.

It was the desire to fill these gaps that led to the formation of LaunchPad and its entry into the startup world. Through the LaunchPad Toolkit companies can receive the framework that is necessary for successful business execution. These early-stage firms benefit from the prior success of other clients while enjoying the guidance of industry leaders such as Glen Wakeman.

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LaunchPad is also very active in educating the startup industry through their articles and other publications shared on social media. The company likes to consider itself a resource for all early-stage startups and welcomes the opportunity to provide guidance whenever possible.

Glen Wakeman has enjoyed a full and successful career and is excited about his work with LaunchPad (Twitter). This industry leader stays relevant by remaining curious and self-educating himself on pertinent topics. One topic that has gained his recent attention is machine learning and how it can help to improve today’s business environment.

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