Gino Pozzo significance to the sports industry

Gino Pozzo was born and raised by football supporters. Later, he transferred to the U.S., where he pursued his Masters at Harvard University. The Pozzos family gained an interest in property and finance mergers; this made them invest in the sector. Furthermore, they have been in the sports ownership industry for a long duration. They were recognized for making Udinese succeed since they were the owners. The family sold their woodworking to concentrate and invest in football clubs. Pozzo has been leading in enlarging the family’s assets in sports possession.

Gino Pozzo was residing in Barcelona when he urged his family to purchase Granada. The purchase occurred when the club had debts and was trying to elevate from the third division. After two years of acquisition, Granada advanced to Primera Liga. This was their initial time to join the league since three decades ago. However, this was made possible through Gino Pozzo contributions in signing and managing the club’s activities. That was a dream comes true to players, coaching staff and the management.

During 2012, the Pozzos decided to buy the Watford football club. At the time, the club had outstanding debts and was trying to climb to the fourth division. Gino Pozzo decided to relocate his family to London to be able to manage the club’s activities and had decided they would stay there. After the purchase, the Pozzos were the only family to possess three clubs in Italy, Spain, and England. Gino Pozzo outlined the significance of being clear and transparent when hiring the sports panel. The family made a dedication to Watford to never leave them. This dedication was proved when a firm tried to buy a portion of Gino’s shares in the club. He refused the deal and stood by his word to support the club.