Gino Pozzo and Family: Successful Football Club Owners

Gino and the Pozzo family have always had their eyes on the money and building their fortune. As residents of Italy, they loved the Italian Football Club and set their eyes on it. After years of working hard at his tool business in Udine, Italy, Gino Pozzo’s father was able to acquire the Udinese Football Club by 1986 and he would set an example for his son by showing him that you can have whatever you desire by working hard. The Pozzo family also had a woodwork business in Italy that they sold to focus solely on the club he had just purchased.

This makes it no surprise that Gino Pozzo continued to do what his father had started, and began purchasing other football clubs. In 2012, the Pozzo family purchased the Watford Club, an English football club. This club saw its peak in just 1980, and since then they have had a hard time making it out of the fourth division in their league.

After this purchase, the Pozzo family moved to London so that they could focus all of their time, energy and money on the Watford Club. Gino Pozzo had strong belief that this club would be the families’ “… top project for the future …” He wasn’t mistaken; the family was able to take the Watford Club from fourth division to the Premier League. They hope to continue seeing growth with that particular club, but the family actually owns three football clubs altogether. They also acquired the Spain football club, so they are a triple threat in the football sector.

The Pozzo family has done so well in their business ventures they were featured by the Wall Street Journal who referred to them as a successful family in 2015.