Following Russell Gimelstob’s Tennis Career

Russell Gimelstob was born and raised in New Vernon, New Jersey and, when he was six, his parents gave him his first racket. His father was well-renowned for being a star athlete which is why he was particularly proud of him when he became the first sophomore to be elected captain of the tennis team at Newark Academy. He made first team all-state each year and spent the off-season traveling to Palos Verdes, California in an effort to train under legendary tennis coach, Robert Lansdorp. As someone who has coached some of the greatest tennis stars of all time, he was one of the most qualified people to help him reach his full potential as an athlete. All this training eventually paid off upon his victory in the state championships.

Three victories later, he graduated from high school and was offered athletic scholarships from a wide variety of prestigious universities but he didn’t take any of those opportunities after he met the head coach of the men’s varsity tennis team, Barry Shoemaker. They had a good rapport and this instantly led him to realize this was the right program for him. He went an entire season without losing any of his games and he became team captain during his final year of college. Additionally, he received the honor of being an academic all American and he went on to represent the team in the national doubles tournament after winning some all-ivy awards.

He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree but decided to remain on campus for an extra year so he could earn a master’s degree. After the receipt of his MPA, he was offered a position with Goldman Sachs which he decided to accept. After three years as a financial analyst, he was offered an associate position with Dune Real Estate Group, a role in which he served for seven years. He was then promoted to partner and now currently serves as a member of their investment committee. He has also done some philanthropy work with the Hebrew Academy for Special Children and is now head of acquisitions.