Feeding Success Back into Where She Came From; Billionaire Isabel dos Santos Doesn’t Forget her Roots

A local hero turned international success, Isabel dos Santos hails from Angola, Africa. She is one of the most successful women in the world and one of only two black female billionaires. Dos Santos has not forgotten her roots. She believes that Africa can be a pride agriculture region with its rich soil and massive workforce. With strong beliefs in promoting community and growing this business, Isabel dos Santos is bringing African farms online by creating internet access where there previously was none.

She made her fortune by working in the telecommunications field and cofounding Unitel. Her work has been largely beneficial for her country. The availability of the internet has led to many new job opportunities and the ability to grow the international trade market. Isabel dos Santos empowers women and entrepreneurs by sharing her tips for success with the next generation to follow in her footsteps.

A thriving career and financial success have helped Isabel dos Santos to grow her the philanthropic activities that are close to her heart to reach a broader group. She has provided local aid to the African and Angolan infrastructure as an investment in her community. She also acts as a mentor to women, provides financial donations to schools, and has awarded six scholarships to the Royal Agricultural University in England to give back.

Isabel dos Santos initially began her career as a project manager with Urbana 2000. She moved into entrepreneurship by opening a club in Luanda and creating Trans-Atlantic Investment Services to improve the diamond industry before creating Unitel. She diversely invested in many profitable markets and was able to return the profits to her community by providing jobs and access to technology. Dos Santos is busy making a name for herself while improving the economics of her home country Angola and her continent.

About Isabel dos Santos: pt.everybodywiki.com/Isabel_dos_Santos