Equities First Holdings: A Global Trailblazer in Security-based LendinG

Equities First Holdings began its operations in 2002 with stock-based loans as the primary business unit. In 2013, the company opened its London office to cater to the high demand for customized financial solutions in the United Kingdom. After EFH’s acquisition in 2014, it established offices in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Since then, the security-based lender founded by Al Christy has become a pacesetter in the financial services field.

In 2018, Equities First Holdings became the first Repo buyer in the United Arab Emirates after receiving approval from the Dubai Financial Markets. This development now makes it easier for the company’s customers in the region to get the highest profits with minimum risks. As Equities First Holdings continues to expand, its goal is to become the first company one thinks of when searching for security-based loans.To Date, the firm has conducted over nine hundred significant lending deals.

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