Eli Gershkovitch: A True Innovator in the Beer Industry

Canadians are famously known for the quality, taste, and variety of their craft beers. They are also known for their love of beer with over nine billion dollars of in-country sales every year. Canada has many famous craft breweries. Central City Brewing makes the Red Racer Pale Ale. It is an imperial ale beer which is typically more bitter than regular beers. This beer is described as tasting like a ruby red grapefruit. City Brewing won brewery of the year in 2012 at the Canadian Brewing Awards.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Steamworks Craft Brewery is another notable Canadian Brewery. The company is led by innovator Eli Gershkovitch. His goal is to revolutionize the craft beer industry. Eli is an uncanny down to earth casual businessman unlike typical CEO’s. He runs his company based on innovation and improvement. He feels these two areas are the key to long-term success. The craft beer industry in Canada is very competitive with new breweries opening each year. Steamworks manages to stay on top because of Eli Gershkovitch’s innovative ideas.


Steamworks first opened its doors in 1995 in Gastown, Vancouver. It was a small pub with only a 184 seats. Eli Gershkovitch uses a combination of quality, quantity, and low prices to remain ahead of his competitors. He feels that low prices will attract more customers, but his company must be able to stay ahead of the demand while staying efficient and minimizing waste.


Eli Gershkovitch is a very accomplished man. Eli Gershkovitch is also a pilot and lawyer. His background in law is an enormous benefit in running his company. Eli Gershkovitch graduated from the University of Toronto Law School (http://www.ottawacitizen.com/business/Steamworks+founder+Gershkovitch+echoed+firm+theme+Stanley+Steamer+from+vintage+automobile+collection/9952459/story.html). His desire to enter the beer industry was sparked in 1987 while on a tour of Europe after graduation. While practicing as an attorney, he gained valuable knowledge about liquor licensing by helping clients obtain them. This made his transition into the beer industry much easier. He was also able to obtain his licenses without having to hire an attorney. It took longer than usual for his company to obtain a license because the location in Gastown was disputed as being a residential neighborhood. Through hard work and help from the community, Eli Gershkovitch obtained his license and Steamworks became a reality (IMBd).