Doe Deere’s Rise From the Turbulence of Immigration

The term immigrant tends to be faceless. Entrepreneur Doe Deere is an example of the type of eager face shining from amongst immigrants who possess a drive to be productive, happy American citizens. Today she is CEO of the company she founded, Lime Crime, a makeup line borne of her creative inspiration, as well as Poppy Angeloff, her jewelry collection. In a biographical article by Doe Deere entitled “For Immigrants, America Was, Is, and Always Will be Great”, featured in on September 10, 2018 we meet this ambitious transplant.

Life wasn’t always perfect for Doe Deere, Russian Jew, born Xenia Vorotova, who immigrated with her mother and younger sister when she was 17. Dreams of blossoming American life were slow to attain, with setbacks landing them in a New York City homeless shelter early on. Possessing strong work ethics they forged ahead doing what they could to earn, her mother house cleaning, she and her sister dog walking and tending neighbors cats.

Amidst the crowded homeless shelter the young lady dreamed of becoming a clothes designer, and though they felt defeated, she sketched. In 1999, an introduction to The Sanctuary for Families, an organization for women immigrants, lead to her being admitted to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Their lodging was transferred to the Lehman Projects where gangs and crime were the norm, yet now they enjoyed bedrooms and a kitchen. Life was certainly improving. Eventually she took the moniker Doe Deere, and formed her vegan makeup company Lime Crime. Hardships had sparked in her a drive to succeed, and today she employs 35 in Los Angeles, a testament to opportunities she ran with after coming to America.

Looking back, there was a time Doe could scarcely envision being CEO of a successful business, with a nice home and family thriving, all made possible with helping hands extended to immigrants from less fortunate conditions. Ms. Deere believes the turbulent paths which immigrants may find themselves on can spur them to become the very citizens who help make America great. After all, she is one.