Doe Deere In The Morning: What We Learned About Her From Her AM Habits

Doe Deere is synonymous with cosmetics and fashion. Her vibrant color choices along with her striking sense of flair leaves social media and the style community dazzled with her unique style. Deere founded the cruelty-free line of makeup, Lime Crime. Along with her commitment to making vegan makeup, the young entrepreneur has also taken the idea of makeup being a tool of empowerment and expression very seriously. When asked about her morning routine in Savoir Flair, her response made it apparent that she makes her creativity a high priority throughout her day.

Even though she admits that the calendar on her phone is what she lives by, Doe Deere also insists on taking time to smell the roses and enjoy the things that are important to her. She stated that she enjoys looking out the window while she eats her breakfast in the morning and making time to pay attention to her adorable felines, Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. Her love of animals is apparent even in the small details of daily routine. And while I’m sure that Deere’s cats aren’t particularly helpful in inspiring new and edgy makeup trends, we can presume that they serve as loving reminders of her commitment to protect against cruelty.

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After divulging information about her love of nature and the importance of keeping one’s skin and body healthy, Doe Deere revealed that her favorite part of the day was doing her makeup. Which comes as no surprise considering that her outside-the-box thinking was what made Lime Crime such a success. She said that the freedom of this alone time was important. Deere also stated that her favorite part of doing her makeup is blush and lipstick. Not shocking if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of Doe Deere on instagram. Attention grabbing colors are a bit of a signature look. Testing the boundaries and possibilities of various colors and shades have made Doe Deere a loud voice of empowered expression. So it only makes sense that expressing herself with color is still her most treasured past time.


The name Doe Deere is well known for being bold and daring. Her morning routine gives insight to a professional woman trying to strike a balance of complete person health and wellness while also managing to stay focused on her business. It was also both comforting and inspiring to learn that, at the end of it all, Doe Deere is passionate about makeup and it’s still what excites and inspires her.


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